Craig Mallett

Craig Mallett is the instructor of the Da Xuan School Sydney, teaching and training under the watchful eye of the head of the tradition, Serge Augier.

After over a decade of practicing traditional martial arts and teaching and exploring other physical endeavours such as Gymnastics, Parkour and general strength, flexibility and conditioning training, Craig was lucky enough to come across Serge’s teachings. In 2014 he became a student of Da Xuan, learning¬† from Serge via his distance training program. He is engaged in a daily personal practice, the focus of the Tradition, and visits Serge regularly to further his studies and understanding.

Craig currently runs Da Xuan classes in North Sydney.  You can find the details of those classes and the other things Craig is doing over on his website. Click here to visit!

Personal tuition is available, please contact Craig directly if you are interested.